Halo: Reach Infection characters [or Halo 4 (If infection will be a gametype)]

I honestly think that it would be really cool if instead of pale-green, Spartan zombies for infection, Bungie put in the flood taken-over human things from Halo 3, Halo 2, and Halo: Combat Evolved. Just think about how sick It’d be to play with real looking zombies instead of green spartans running around with energy swords. Just like in Halo Combat Evolved, 2 & 3, they’d have that arm extension thing that is like a zombie claw thing on their arm rather than a Covenant weapon to attack with. Thank you for reading, and please feel free to post with your comments.

The amount of extra stuff that would have to be done just to get this would be phenominal. Trust in the fact that infection is good and the extra load of work would not be worth the 10 seconds of “yeah, that’s cool”, so to be honest i don’t think they will do it.

I agree. I thought Infection would have Flood since Halo 3.

It’s truly unfortunate that this doesn’t seem to be something Bungie has wanted to do, so maybe 343 will take a look at it and say “Hmm, how can we spice this up?”. They would, of course, have to allow this to be switched on and off. Infection is used for more than just Zombies.

I want some type of Flood infected Spartan/Elite character model!

You’ve got the idea, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.


I wish that the elites would have some sort of animal/beast thing that they could ride on and or use in battle, and that that creature would be the “zombie” in infection mode. Humans vs. Beasts. ILOVEIT

Lets work on making the gameplay work before catering to the aesthetics. Function should always be more important than form.