Halo Reach Incursio body actor recruiting!

Incursio: 2013 teaser

Project Information: Incursio or Invasion in Latin, is an up coming Halo: Reach first person perspective action/horror Machinima short. Incursio follows the helmet recorded footage of three ODSTs that are sent to an UNSC archaeological dig site which they have lost contact too. The ODST’s objectives are to find out what happened and to retrieve a data core which contains information on the artifact that they found. But they are not alone are is comes clear that something is watching them!


These are the current roles that I need help with:

  • Body actors (Must have Defiant map pack) To help record the action scenes and at least all ODST armour.
  • Camera man (Must have a capture) Just to help me with recording and email the captured footage.
  • Writer Someone to help with ideas and scripting could also work on other projects

Please leave a comment with your gamertag or on what you would like to help with thank you - Jon