Halo Reach I'm back!!!!!!

Yeah buddy!!!

Halo reach is the bees knees!!!

Been returning back to this game to find out how much fun
the multiplayer truly is.

Seems like I hardly get a lag session and communication with
the team truly is a fun one.

If only Reach had pulse grenades, mantises and powerdrains then
it would be bosslike!! However I still enjoy this game and have
repopulated myself into its multiplayer realm!!!

A high 5 goes out to everyone who is playing this great game.

High Five!!!

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ive always loved reach especially the anniversary ce playlist.

hit me up if you ever need a teammate!

It was the game I played the most out of all the Halo games, so many nights, so many hours.

Sorry, I was just confused why the original post was formatted like that. Is it supposed to be like a poem or something? Kinda corny too, I think. Sorry for the insignificant post I made above!

By the way, welcome back to Reach! It’s probably my favorite Halo game.

Welcome back, definitely my favorite halo game out there. Great game with tons of memories for me. If any of you have all the DLC lemme know and I’ll send you a friend request.

Trying to get people together so we can play these great maps again.

I always enjoyed playing Reach. I pretty much played Reach from the day of its release until Halo 4 came out.

I loved the Campaign, Firefight.
I never got into the Multiplayer aspect of it as things IRL were pretty crazy and most of the time I would have to leave games because of out side interference.

good ol’ reach. Got me into halo. Ill always like it for that, but trying to play it and enjoy it now after being use to halo 4 is tough.

Love the Anniversary Playlist in Reach. That and Firefight keep me coming back. A plethora of fun!

Reach is my favorite campaign hands down.

Welcome back.

I didn’t really appreciate or play Reach until I played Halo 4. I basically stopped playing reach back in 2011 and in hindsight,it’s something that I really regret. I feel like I missed out on DLC fun, playing with tons of other people, and having the full Reach experience. I’ve been playing Reach again recently and I’ve fallen in love all over again.

I’m not sure what Halo 4 was but in my opinion it wasn’t really a Halo game. The campaign of Reach is a masterpiece and firefight keeps me entertained when I need to level up and cool off from being frustrated with multi-player. That said I would love to do more multi-player if could find the right group of people to do some grifball, BTB, or slayer. We need a dedicated thread for Reach players looking for people to play with.