Halo Reach has NO Replay Value! None.

The Difference from Halo: CE to Reach - Replay Value

Hope you guys enjoy the video. It’s a discussion of the differences between Halo Combat Evolved and Halo Reach. Halo Reach doesn’t have any Replay Value like Combat Evolved did.

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You might want to think about posting this in the right section, as well.

So, Halo: Reach has less replay value than the 10 year old release of Bungie’s first console game released by Microsoft and Halo CE doesn’t have Forge? Halo campaigns are only re-playable as far as you allow it, as an opinion, nothing more. Halo CE is no more re-playable campaign wise than Halo: Reach is, it’s you who perceives it as re-playable. Of course Halo: Reach’s skulls help, but all that you’re stating here is a bunch of opinions.

Gosh where do people like you come from.

Also from 5:23 is also what causes me to hate Halo: Reach, it’s not just Armour Lockers, or Jetpackers that break the game, it’s players who panic grenade all over the place.

How can it have no replay value ? I alone have made over 64 maps to play on there are tons of other forgers out there. Id say the replay value is as good as quake 1 from back in 1996 and will last a long time if people do not want to shell out the $$$ for the next one.

> No thanks, I’ll pass on subscribing.
> You might want to think about posting this in the right section, as well.

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“Where do people like you come from”

What you have got to realise is something like this is all based of opinion. That’s why in the commentary I said this is how “I” feel.
I understand it can be a controversial topic, and of course people will think differently.

I love that you enjoy the game man, that’s awesome. ME personally I’m not a forge person, so Campaign and Multiplayer and what I like.
I love campaigns so compared to Halo 1 and 2, Reach’s campaign dissapoints me.

And like you said man, there is many things in the multiplayer that can be frustrating! Panic nades, the unbalence of most Armor Abilities etc.

Sorry if it was something you didn’t agree with. Hope this clarifies :slight_smile:

This is all just my opinion man.

Personally I don’t use forge at all, so for me it doesn’t have the same value games like Halo Comabt Evolved and Halo 2.

But for someone like you who has made 64 MAPS! That’s incredible!

Maybe one day one of them will be an MP map!

Hey it’s fine, and I do have to agree with you though that Halo CE just has a more open campaign experience. I’ve played Halo: Reach multiple times and it feels way too linear.

Opinions for the win! :smiley: