Halo: Reach/ Halo 4 machinima assistance

Hello there, if you are reading this then I need your help. I am making a machinima on Halo: Reach, which could possibly carry over to Halo 4. However, I am in need of body actors. Body acting is where you play a character and their actions that are scripted. So sorry, no voice acting. All body actors will be credited for their work.


  • Must have at least the Noble Map Pack.
    -Listens and follows directions.
  • Does not interrupt the director when talking.

That’s basically it, however if you get booted from a body acting session it’s because of the following:

  • Not following directions
    -Insulting other players
    -Killing other players when not told to.

Okay guys, if you are still interested please contact me via Xbox LIVE or email.
Gamertag- Tackelberry212

P.S. We are still working on getting voice actors, both major and minor. If you are interested send me and email with a sample of your voice and I’ll keep you in mind.

I could possibly be a body actor if you would like. I have always wanted to create my own machinima but never really got to so I figure this is the next best thing. PM me the details. I happen to work so I might not be available depending on the times.

I sent you a message gt: ih8skool2