halo reach,halo 3 and halo 3 odst bugs

reported to microsoft since i believe its a microsoft issue however they said to report here, hopefully 343 gets in contact and gets it fixed
on halo reach this bug - incorrectly saves armor, loading it from the 28th of sep, makes campaign impossible to complete
halo 3- armor not saving and constant rankup popups- havent tested if campaign can be completed, as i have already completed years ago
halo 3 odst- campaign can be loaded and saved from continue campaign, however after completing a mission it will show as locked in replay missions tab

Reason i believe its a microsoft issue - Changing bio or motto on xbox 360 and xbox one doesnt update,instead loads my bio from before the 29th of september,which is the first day the bug occured.

This bug affects everyone who plays any of these games, i have asked on the forum, seen people on the forum report it,and asked people in game if they experienced it, they all say they have.
Thanks 343, I know youre trying to fix all the issues and I would like to apologise for my post on during first days of discovery where i accused you of sabotage,after 3+ weeks of bugtested I have realised all bugs are due to bugs on the xbox one and 360, and not 343s fault.

Please don’t cross post topics, thanks