Halo: Reach Glitch - Noble Six Subway Station (Tutorial Included)

Hey guys,

Physics Remastered is back, and we come bearing an awesome new video! We made it into the Subway Station on “The Package”. We used our “Ground Pound” method as well as some semi-difficult head jumps and some intricate load zone manipulation. Overall, we would say this glitch is fairly complex, but very awesome. We hope you enjoy!


I love you for posting this video. I think it quite easily qualifies for the title of “OMGAWESOME”.

Very nice. Must have taken a long time to figure out.

And so over the generations they laid the pebbles to guide the way. The many that must have died just to make it half way.

This is why I subscribed to you. It tore me out of my Halo 3 glitch loving arrogance/obsession and helped me recognize Reach as a Halo game (although I still dislike the game).

This is amazing! :smiley: I have try to do it!

How in the world did you ever find this? Great work, must have been a challenge to get there.

Truly phenomenal stuff.

I am still at odds though at being more shocked they can do this stuff, or that Bungie had a lot of this stuff hidden away in levels.

Machinima makers love you guys, don’t they?

Hey Everyone

Physics Remastered, a team dedicated to exploring areas nobody else has in Halo games has recently devised a method to get to the Noble Six Subway Station (An area in a cut-scene on the package). We even have a tutorial so you can do it yourself if you have the skill.

If you are interested you can check out the video on our channel, here’s the link: