Halo Reach Games Night - Tonight

Well it is sorta a games night, basically you join and leave when you want, if you want a map/custom game type played then ask I will promote you to leader.

My GT: UK David T

Anyone can join, no matter the age or whether you have a mic :slight_smile: If the party is full and you can’t join then I’m sorry your going to have to wait.

We can do anything, Forge, Customs, Matchmaking, Fire Fight or Campaign. Anything.

Sounds fun! Let us know what time so interested parties can sign on and join in the fun.

^ What she said. I wanna play :smiley:
You gonna join Angel? :3

EDIT: Just added you on Xbox Live :slight_smile:

I doubt I could join tonight, but more likely in the future.
Feel free to add me via XBL.

Sorry guys, one of my cousins just got Xbox LIVE, so I was showing him around the place. Maybe another night :slight_smile: