Halo: Reach Gameplay Help

Hey Everyone,

I run a small YouTube channel My YouTube Channel and I’m trying to start a new series called “The Super Soldier”. Now this is where I need you to lay down your fan boy ways. The series involves some modern warfare 3 game play till I get my specialist bonus and I become a super soldier so it becomes Reach game play. Recently I’ve been given to post on a larger channel,Yeousch Reloaded I want to make a good impression on the people over there and hope to create a little more Halo content on the channel. I like to consider myself a fairly average Halo player (1.3 K/D) but I was wondering if anyone could donate a 25+ and 0 gameplay that’s in rumble pit or team slayer in a quick time (3-5 minutes). Was wondering if anyone could help me. If so, please send a friend request to R7Response. Thank you