Halo Reach gamemodes

I finally got the last map pack of Halo Reach (defiant map pack) but I realized there was no dlc game mode. I looked up how to play dlc but there was no way the only way is to find the maps in a game mode which is impossible. they also said about removing it because it was “not popular”. really?. Most game modes barely get 100 or 200 people a day but they were kept. I spent about 25 dollars on the map packs and I would like to play them online. I think bungie needs to re-add the dlc game mode. I hope bungie sees this because I cannot find a way to email them and I saw that using the forums was the best way to maybe get a response from them. Please take this into consideration if 343 industries or bungie sees this post.

Bungie can’t do anything about it now, 343 has all control over Reach. As much as I agree with you and want the playlist back in the game, it’s very unlikely to happen. You can still play DLC in Matchmaking, but every player in the online lobby needs to have the maps in order for them to appear in the voting screen.

Add me. I’ll play the DLC maps with you.
If we gather enough people we can join each other in matchmaking and play those maps.
Unfortunately, I won’t be on very much the next couple of days. :frowning:

I’m here to play also. If we get enough people here, we can plan out a game time. Then we can all finally play at least one DLC map.