Halo Reach Game Night

I will be hosting a game night on Halo Reach every Friday night. This will include the Gametypes- Slayer, Classic Slayer, Infection, Invasion, Team Slayer, Team Classic Slayer, Cat n Mouse, Oddball, Koth, and Griffball. If you are interested in joining send me a message. The times are- 10pm Eastern, 9pm Central, 8pm Mountain, and 7pm Pacific. I will post if we need to delay or cancel.

add me man im up for this :slight_smile:

I’m up for it too

Count me in. Invite me, and I will join in the fight!

My lobby is ready, come online.

count me in if you ever set up the lobby ill i join straight away

I apoligize I had a busy week and I am moving game night to Saturday.

I’m interested, but my Gold expired yesterday. I’ll try to get it back on as soon as possible. Question though, will your game nights feature DLC? I only have the Noble Map Pack (only one I was interested in).

Count me in!

Nice party hosting OP, remember to private message bs Angel if you get 3 scheduled custom parties going, you can earn a Waypoint website medal “Host with the most”.

Anyhow I have moved this thread to the Recruiting forum as it belongs there. You may continue to post or reply in this thread though.

I was having some issues with Halo Waypoint last week but I have it working now.