Halo Reach Game Finder (Reach4urPhone.com)

Ever played an epic game and wanted to go back and look at those stats but lost the game? Never fear, I’ve built a Halo Reach Game Finder that will help you find that long lost game. It’s currently sitting directly at the link above or can be browsed to from the homepage of Reach4urPhone.com

Basically you can search through your game history with a bunch of parameters such as:

  • Your placing, score or game rating
  • Number of kills/deaths/assists
  • Kill/Death ratio
  • When the game was played
  • Which game variant
  • Map
  • Playlist
  • Whether it was a team game or FFA
  • The number of players in the game, and;
  • The game’s duration.

I’m limited by the Reach API however I might be able to squeeze a few more filters out or adjust them depending on feedback.
Please note this is a mobile optimised site.

If I get a positive response for the Game Finder I’d be happy to implement it as a standalone, fully-fledged desktop web application. Obviously this would mean a much nicer, more intuitive and responsive user interface as I’d have a bigger screen area to work with.

Leave your feedback below, or on my Twitter @benmccallum

It needs a player against search feature.

> It needs a player against search feature.

I agree

> > It needs a player against search feature.
> I agree

Should be done within the hour.

Unfortunately this information doesn’t come in the same request as a player’s game history when hitting the API. Therefore this is going to seriously slow down the search. But only if you enter an enemy gamertag. :slight_smile:

> It needs a player against search feature.

I just finished implementing that feature. Please note it’ll slow down searches a tad. You can now search for another gamertag whether they are in your team or the enemy team. Hope this helps and thanks for the feedback.

Update: You can now search for a game where you got a particular medal, say a Perfection.

And also games where you DNF/Finished.

Finally, you can search for multiple gamertags in the same game.

My feedback: it’s a good idea in theory, but the most desirable feature (finding games with/against a particular player) is severely limited. I just saw a topic by a guy I know I’ve played recently, but I couldn’t find the game using the site. Apparently I didn’t play him in the past week.