Halo Reach Game Disk problem

I recently purchased an Xbox 360 slim and threw in Halo Reach, but a few seconds into the intro it says the disk is unreadable, after cleaning it it still wont load the game. The strange part is that when I pop it into my Xbox 360 elite the game runs completely hassel free.

If anyone has any ideas on why this occurs or how to solve this problem, it would be greatly appreciated.

I say bring the disk back to the store if they can replace it. I prefer calling Support for help on this problem.

Don’t bring the disc back if there’s nothing wrong with it and it plays fine on your old 360.

Try putting another working game in the new 360. If it still doesn’t work, take the 360 back and demand a new one.

All other games work on both of my 360’s the only one that wont is reach.

Looks like Bungie have been asking people to call Xbox Support. You’re not the only one. Look for teh gold textz.

Try clearing your cache. That will be the first step in troubleshooting besides trying another disc. If that doesn’t work, I would recommend to contact Xbox support through twitter for other solutions. But they may end up telling you to contact 1-800-4MY-XBOX for servicing.
Good luck. It is sad when an Xbox doesn’t wanna play nice. :frowning:

Dang call xbox support man.

<4 <343

Speedy Twitter support is speedy. In my opinion anyway.