Halo Reach Font

Just curious, does anyone know why the Halo font was changed with Halo Reach? I don’t really like the new font as much as the old (not that its that big a deal, but I guess its just nostalgia kicking in :smiley: ). I’m just curious, why did the font change, and why is the Reach font being used on everything nowadays?

Are you talking about the “Remember Reach” part or the Softer “HALO”?

I have the font very close to both typographies, but I don’t remember their names. I’ll have to go dig through my fontbook.

This isn’t the one I have, but this is probably as close to the “Remember Reach” font that was used. I’m still hunting down the HALO font.

The softer Halo.

Here’s the traditional font:

And this one has been used on every Halo product including and after Reach

Totally, i really dont like the new halo font, the old one kicked -Yoink-. Also, i thought the reach font was going to stay there only for reach, is it true that this font will be continued to other halo products (future).

I know what you mean when you say its just a small detail. But its the little things which make everything else even more enjoyable in life. I hope they go back to the old school font style eventually. At least, after Reach has ran its course anyway.

I’m not positive the new Halo logo has its own font–my guess is that it’s a purposeful augmentation of an existing font. With that said, I’ll continue to do some looking. There are also larger images/vectors of the new logo floating around.

I was, however, able to track down the fonts used throughout the UI (and Vidocs) of Halo: Reach, and another used by ONI (and also seen in Halo 1). Thanks to HBO’s archives! And yes, they do cost money… :frowning:

Reach UI/Vidoc Fonts:

TV Nord Condensed

TV Nord Condensed Bold

ONI/Halo 1 Font (These two are basically the same)

ORC A EF Text Regular

ORC A EF Original Regular