Halo Reach Film Error


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> When I got into the theater for Halo Reach after a minutes of viewing a film or so it said that there was a film error

You playing on Xbox One? I know theater is jacked on Xbox One. What I’ve been wondering is if it’s jacked on 360. If so, then it’s jacked. If not, then it’s a backward compatible problem. Either way, I don’t really have a solution. But it’s a pain in the -Yoink-.

Although I’m just some random guy that could only be trusted of the grain of salt variety. I’ll share this knowledge anyway…
I have reach on xbox one and 360 and I have switched between them regularly recently and played with theater, and from my experience I can confirm that a film clip in reach is only watchable if the gameplay was made on 360 after the clip is made on 360 you could switch to xbox one and have it be watchable, as long as it was the same profile that was used and it was on Cloud Save storage.