Halo Reach File Share

I have been trying to bring my download my File Share videos so I could put It on my ICloud but it says I am unable to render the video Please help.

The halo reach fileshare should be a thing. I would love for it to operate exactly as it did in reach. I hate how now all your maps are public and people start downloading all of your maps and start customizing it with out your permission. With the reach fileshare my maps were not online for others at all. My maps were private and only I could see or host them and modify them. The only way people could get my maps were if I either uploaded it on my fileshare for others to download or if i invited people to play on it. They would of course get it on there recent games if they played on it. I hate how all my maps are public. I’m not gonna forge anything because I won’t get credit for it. Someone else could just take it do modifications of my maps and upload them without my permission and claiming it as there’s.

ya that needs to be a thing!

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