Halo Reach Ending *spoilers* Was it a masterpiece?

Its been almost, what, 7 years since it came out? Besides the point, I want to know people’s opinions on the ending, was it good, bad, or even a masterpiece?
I myself belive the latter, that it was a masterpiece of an ending, Halo Reach often comes under fire because it has “poor story telling”, in the ending there is a very severe lack of dialogue, but you dont actually need that…
Look around, there’s dead Spartans and marines…
Does this indicate that something else went on here? 100%, the last mission alone uses visual storytelling to express its story

Music and Cinematography: Firstly, Im going to to talk about the score of the mission, more specifically the start of it. It starts with a look at Reach’s glassed sky, with a gentle piano playing as it pans down to 6 himself, as the camera moves closer to 6, so does the Covenant (BRILLIANT!) not only this, but the score picks up in volume and strength, signify 6’s determination, as if to say “Im going down, but Im taking as many of you as I can with me” (which is exactly what he does, is that a lol?) at the end, we’re presented with 6’s final stand, which is in itself awesome, but when we’re show his helmet with the background of a glassed reach, then a cutaway to a luscious green one, aswell as the music going from hopeless choir chimes, to a hopeful violin, this contrast in itself is brilliant, made better than none other than Marty and his crew.

Between the lines: As I mentioned before, the last mission has alot of visual storytelling, in my opinion, the place where 6 is, is actually the last rally point for all remaining UNSC members on Reach, which, if you think about, makes the whole situation so much sadder. Noble 6 is told this is his last way off Reach, only to find everyone there dead? Traumatic. Not to mention the amount of SPARTAN corpses there, only adding to the feeling of despair!

Gameplay: The mission itself really is truly one of the only I feel n the actual role of Noble 6, you start the mission, ready to fight, killing everything you can, and succeeding at first, then you see, “hey… My visors cracked?” this plants the first seed of despair in the players mind, making them feel “Oh god, this is the end!” And with each Covenant wave more and more is thrown at you until eventually the field is crowded with Generals, and it becomes a losing fight as you’re out of ammunition as well, then…
Then the cutscene

For those that care to, find the Easter egg hidden withing the text!

I agree completely that the ending is a masterpiece. The whole game for that matter. I’ve always thought it was the best of the series and a classic. Just the mere thought that bungie put you in the drivers seat as noble 6, the hero that paved the way for Master Chief…goosebumps

I thought it was very good all around. One of my favorites.

Reach’s ending was very unique for a Halo game up to that point. There was no epic Warthog run like CE, Halo 3, or ODST’s coastal highway. There was no boss fight like Halo 2. There was no “we barely made it to live to fight another day” like ODST (or for Miranda, Johnson, and Arbiter in Halo 2). There was no wistfully wondering what the future would bring as you drift out into space like Halo 3. There was no “sir, finishing this fight” cliffhanger. No, “no, I think we’re just getting started”.

Just knowing you’re doomed and trying to take as many Covenant with you as you hope Capt. Keyes and that AI you gave him can turn the tide of this war you know you’ll never live to see the of. In fact, your sacrifice is what was able to set all those other outcomes in motion … until that AI goes bananas and enslaves the galaxy. lol

Halo Reach is my favorite Halo game to this date. The story had a great beginning, middle, and end. Is the ending a masterpiece however…? Well that’s a highly subjective question. But to me, there is no doubt about it.

I would definitely say so. I just replayed the whole campaign recently and wow. Out of all of the Halo’s I would say Reach was the one that I felt the most emotionally invested in. The last mission is definitely intense. The feeling of hopelessness and doom as cracks appear in your visor along with the pride that you managed to get the AI to the Pillar of Autumn is interesting. One of my favorites.