Halo Reach Elite Clan Recruitment

The AR is an all Sangheili based clan on Halo Reach. We have 40+ members and have a functioning Website. We’re extremely active and we seek active players that wish to have fun and create a legacy in the community. We host trainings,raids,matchmaking, and clan matches. If you’re interested you must ware the uniform at all times and must not have armor effects on. You must have a mic or be getting one soon also we would like it if your not below the age of 13.
Contact - Azrael Dudaelee
to join our fleet.

website - http://ascendingresolve.omgforum.net

If this clan is still active my gt is xN0x Gears ( zero not O ) Thxs

I am Ramo Ravamee Kaidon of Ravamee and leader of the Tranquility Armada
I am looking for some people that loves elites just like me and would love to clan up with me on halo reach. We are based on teamwork and communication. We have training’s to better our communication together as one. We have Game nights every weekend to show we can have to. We have simulated raids to improve our combat skills. We treat all with respect even if another clan is being disrespectful, don’t worry we will get them back but we gotta be the bigger guys first. We want everyone to recruit at least 2 people and stay friends with them and help them along the way to show leadership to everyone. We have order and ranks to show how hard we have worked to get there. Above all else we are there for each other. If you are interested hit me up with a message on here, I will answer your call. But if you arent interested in joining thats okay and i hope to cross paths with you in the future on muiltplayer