Halo Reach, Dream Armor

We’ve all been working hard on Challenges, Commendations as well as Campaign and Multiplayer, but what are you planning to do with all your credits once you’ve got enough?

I’m planning on going with Jun’s chest piece, maybe a gold visor, my shoulders I’m not quite sure on, I’m open to suggestions, and my helmet I’m hoping to either go with Commando or Mark 5.

But do any of you guys have any planned armor for your credits? Or hoping for suggestions? Post here! =]

I’m saving up for the hearts. I hadn’t bought anything while I saved up, but then I caved and bought the silver visor. Buyer’s remorse. I haz it.

I can haz Cheef?

The hearts should take quite some time Oo I was thinking about doing maybe Grunt Birthday party, but flames till then =]

No Deco, you can’t haz Cheef, I want Cheef D:

all i want in life is a black visor EVA helmet. grinding my way through the ranks to get there…

We share the same life goal :slight_smile:

Right now I’m sporting the Black-visored EVA (rust primary), but what I really want is the Pilot helmet, especially since Six was a test pilot for the Sabre programme. I also can’t wait to eventually get the GUNGNIR and Security helms, both with the integrated breather upgrades (like the standard EOD has). Other than that I’m prety happy with mine. I rock the Dot when it comes to FF Voice, because it sounds like an AI in my head, which makes it that much more “plausible.” :wink:


> I rock the Dot when it comes to FF Voice


Right now I’m going for Mark V shoulders and prototype Mark VI helmet.

I never actually saved up for anything. I just started buying things when I got the cR for them. Technically I am “saving up” my cR, because the next set of armor stuff unlocks for me to buy when I hit Commander.

> We share the same life goal :slight_smile:

The goal being telling me to double click at every available opportunity?


Right now, I’m using the HAZOP helmet, Commando Chest Piece(Carter), because of the awesome fannypack, lol, the Soft Case utility(thighpack, Emile and Jun), both the Grenadier shoulders and kneeguards. I’ve got both the Silver Visor and the black one, but I’m not using them. Don’t know what I’m going to do with my remaining 360 000-ish cR, though. Only thing missing from my Spartan is a Security shoulder (not until General, sadface), and the awesome Sage from the Beta, which I’ll never see again.

:((((( = Astronomically Epic sadface. Hugz pli0x?

I use Sage-all-over. A perfect remedy for any illness you might have! Buy yours today!

I’m sorry for your loss of Epic Sage =[ HugHugHug It will be okay, I promise, you’ll get through this…


> <3


> > <3
> RIP xD

Epic sadface.

I have the armor I’m pretty close to sticking with throughout the duration of my Halo Reach Career.

I may change my shoulders to Mk V. Otherwise I’m fairly well set.

I now go by the GT of RM Iron Man, so my armor looks as close to that as possible. Red/Yellow, JFO base helmet, ODST shoulders…

I’ll still buy everything eventually since I think it will be fun to be able to choose whatever I want, whenever I want. Plus there is the ghost helmet too, to look forward to.

I’m far enough along in the lower ranks, having just reached Brig 3 last night. Still a long way to go, but I’m in no hurry.

Wasn’t too sure what my goal for armor was other than just to buy armor, but I did end up making my Spartan look like the Spartan you see in the picture before you get into the armory.

The Iron Man look in Reach is probably awesome looking!

That’s a pretty cool looking Spartan too Target =]

I was going to recreate the Chief from Halo CE. I was going to use Cortana’s voice too. Sadly, she talks in FF as if she was a real combatant, using the first person.