Halo Reach DLC Invasion

Hey guys

Just trying to get a group together that is interested in playing on the Noble DLC Invasion map. This is for anyone that is going for the achievement ‘You Blew it up’ or people who just have never played or want to play some DLC invasion

If you’re interested, just send me a friend request on xbl. My gt is La Communist.

I’m pretty much completely available for the next 48 hours. Cheers

Sorry bud, my box is under repairs. though you could post this in the recruiting forum you would get more people for your game there

I’m in…just have to get some Microsoft Points to GET the map packs first!!!
Never thought I would get them, but why not?
Will re-post when I’ve got them :smiley:

Im in also.

I’m in. I have 3 controllers.

GT: Tastey Poison

I have 4 controllers.

My gamertag is LTLS999

Why not? I have all the mp, and all dlc. GT: A Virtual Duck