Halo Reach DLC Games

Before somebody goes ahead and thinks this is another post regarding “Why doesn’t Halo Reach have a dlc playlist?”, please, take some time to read what I’m going to post - this isn’t quite that exact thing.
Yeah, I’ve read the topics when they have come up, and I totally agree. Why doesn’t Halo Reach have a dlc playlist? Even more so, why did Halo 4 get rid of its dlc playlist just recently? Even with only twenty-four players on the playlist at a given time, it rocked!
But alas, I’ve given up all hope for future dlc matchmaking endeavors. 343i doesn’t seem to think that having a dlc playlist would be acceptable or manageable…

YEAH, I’M TALKING TO YOU 343i. Though I don’t know very much about game design or connection channels, I doubt that it’s hardly all that much work to leave a dlc matchmaking playlist open - even if it is deserted at times.

So that’s where this post comes in! I’ve officially grown tired of playing the same playlists, containing the same gametypes, being played on the same levels. Yeah, I truly DO love boneyard, spire, and hemmorage, but even the things you love grow tiresome with time if used relentlessly.

======================================Prologue over========================================================
Anyways, so that’s what this post is dedicated to. For ANYBODY that wants to play the dlc maps of Reach (I absolutely loved the maps), post on here that you want to play them. Lets all friend eachother on Xbox or something - I’m sure times won’t work for everybody, but that’s why it’s important to group together as much as possible and make a small community out of it. Oh hey, we make 30 new friends, but only 12 are on tonight for when we (the individual) wants to play…awesome! Somebody can setup a custom games lobby of whatever gamemode and jump right into a 6 vs. 6 game of good ol’ red vs. blue, and it can be on some of our favorite maps!!

So anyways, feel free to add me:

I usually play later at night, and I live the in the midwest United States. Sometimes I use a mic, othertimes I don’t. I’d love to pile up some sort of community where we can look forward to invites that bring us into simple, friendly, easy-going lobbies of 6, 8, 12, or even 16 people!

The only way this can happen is if we all group together, though! I want to make this happen - post if you do, too! It may take a bit of time to rally everybody up, but the end result will be so rewarding. Share it with your acquaintances, opponents, and friends, and lets try to make a very unofficial opportunity for players to finally relive (or live the first time) through the awesome dlc maps!