Halo: reach disc thinks it's a dvd

Ok, so ever since I bought Halo: Reach on the release day, I noticed that very rarely, the xbox read it as a DVD, and then when it plays, it just shows this:


And will just show that until I open the tray or turn the xbox off.

I never really cared, because it was so rare that it happened. But recently it is happening an insane amount, every other time I put my Reach disc in it reads as a DVD. And when I restart my xbox or open the disc tray and close it again, it will read it as a DVD again, and will do it about 3-5 times until it finally reads as a game and plays normally.

My disc is perfect, not one single scratch on it, and it isn’t dirty. This has never once happened to any other game so it has to be the disc itself.

My worries is that the disc is going to continue to get worse, until it eventualy just won’t play as a game at all.

Any help?

Does this happen to any other game discs, or just the Reach disc?

> This has never once happened to any other game so it has to be the disc itself.

It’s your Xbox 360 if the same thing happens to other games. Id it doesn’t it’s the game.

Yeah I already know its the game, but the disc is in perfect condition, there isnt one scratch on it.

I don’t want to go have to pay more money to go buy a new Reach disc because Bungie couldn’t make the disc work properly.

It has done this from when I recieved the disc, which was on the release day. :confused:

I used to have problems with occasional disks, mostly oblivion and Fable 3 (i discovered it was my xbox’s CD drive. I just bought a new style xbox to remedy the problem. Will get around to replacing the older xboxs cd drive at some point).
i think that a solution for you would be to install reach onto your hard drive, if possible. The game should work 100% after that

Your Xbox is on its way out. I had this issue with the Halo 3 disc, and occasionally others. Eventually I got the E34 error.

what type of Xbox is it?

It’s your disc drive, I’ve had the same issues with Dead Rising 1 and Left 4 Dead.
My warranty ran out a long time ago so I took it upon myself to open the console up and clean up all the dust. Now my system runs fine

I tried the same with mine but after cleaning it was the same. I would recommend doing this if it is out of warrenty, it is easy to do if you use an online guide but you need a special screwdriver with a star head

Y’all don’t need to take the XBox apart to clean the lens of the optical drive.

Just go to a good electronics or music store and find yourself a car stereo CD player cleaning kit.

It’s a special CD with a little brush on the bottom that comes with drops. You put one drop on the brush, stick the disk in, and that will clean the lens that the LASER emits from.

This very rarely happens to me when playin Fifa11 and Fifa12.
I have the new Xbox 360 S and it still happens, wouldnt worry too much about it but if you wanna get to the bottom of it speak with Xbox support via Twitter, There great and go the extra mile to help you out.
heres there official Twitter LINK
Hope this helps.


Just install it onto your hard drive first. If you start getting problems with other games then you should think about cleaning it/taking it apart/sending it off for CD drive replacement, because i have heard that attempting to clean the lens can make things worse

The game has been installed onto my hard drive since I got the game XD
Not too sure about taking my xbox apart and cleaning it, but if worst comes to worst and I can’t play the game at all, well I suppose I will have to do that.
Thanks for all the tips guys, been a great help :slight_smile: