halo reach customchallenge boosting?Cheating?

Who here thinks the halo reach challenge boost is actually cheating?I mean all you doing is challenges,even if you are doing them over and over its still using challenges as they are supposed to be used.

And on a side not halo 4 will be out in november so should 343i figure out a way to stop it?

If custom challenges are cheating, then 343i are cheaters too. They are the ones who gave us the customs, and the totals for the challenges.

I am so sick of seeing people whine about the customs! Get over it and keep playing the game.

Or, don’t get over it and stop playing the game.

Either way is fine by me.

It’s not cheating. Anything related to getting more cR isn’t cheating its just a waste of time as cRs don’t mean anything. Guest boosting is cheating.

Tailoring your gameplay to maximize points is not cheating. If you are playing basketball with your friends, and are really short but a good outside shooter, is taking 3-pointers cheating? It you are tall/quick, but a terrible outside shooter, you’ll go inside for layups.

I got Inheritor by doing the daily challenges (that I liked) on a consistent basis, and by doubling up with customs as well once they came along, but I enjoy lots of parts of the game. I’m not a huge fan of solo LASO nor am I going to get 20 kills out of 50 in slayer, so I didn’t bother with those.

I personally would not find any value in playing a short piece of campaign over and over just to get the Rank via customs. There are too many other ways to have fun and still get cR.

I don’t personally use custom challenges (Whooo more credits for superficial armor which gives me NO advantage at all, I really want to spend my time earning something meaningless) but I’m glad they exist.

My biggest gripe about multiplayer achievements is that they typically require the player to do something the player wouldn’t otherwise do. In my personal opinion, it takes more skill to outshoot your opponent than to run in with a sword (No hate just my personal preference) so I really try to avoid the sword. Then achievements come in where you have to “Do X with the sword”, uggggggh. If I want to get the achievement I have to change my playstyle to try to get it. Not terrible if you’re winning, but at times you wind up losing because your teammate was playing inefficiently in order to get the achievement.

If I really cared about getting Inheritor, it would make a lot more sense to use custom challenges. Do I really want to do LASO for 10k credits? Something I wouldn’t enjoy doing, or do I want to set up a challenge for “X DMR kills” and “X Multikills”. Well the latter are something I’m going to be doing anyway, so I could earn extra credits WITHOUT changing my playstyle.

Besides it isn’t like this is MW where ranking up gets you extra weapons/perks. You gain no tangible benefits from ranking up, so they could make the entire halo population inheritors for all I care. Somebody ranking up sooner doesn’t affect my experience so it is fine with me. Even if it gave my opponents some unfair advantage like an upgraded 4 shot DMR, the method is still available to me, so even there I’m not sure it could be classified as cheating.

You’ll have to excuse OP. He’s just mad cause he can’t be a higher rank then the rest of us.