Halo Reach Custom Games

The Halo community has died down over the past couple of years due to new Halo’s coming out, I say let’s bring back the part of the community which everybody loved, custom games! My GT is SwizzelCleric7 and my friends GT is BoringCleric7, hit us up on Xbox for a game of Halo Reach any time we’re online.

As far as you guys go, post your GT’s down below and I’ll be sure to hit them up anytime I can and sort out a custom game lobby.

Thanks for reading this, peace.

Sure, hit me up anytime when I’m on.

Here’s a question, though: why why would people put their GamerTag in the comments when the username on Waypoint IS their GamerTag?

Cease Fort contact USARMOREDMARINE, both teams start outside about 300 meters away from the fort and the team has to take it over and hold it, has all vehicles except some alien ones

Okonami K3N0
hit me up m80