Halo: Reach Custom Games


Ever on Xbox Live, with nothing to do or sitting there thinking about the good old days when you would spend all night until the sun rises playing in a Halo: Reach Customs Games lobby playing a variety of games; Whether it be Cops N Robbers, Hide N Seek, Duck Hunt, Jenga, Races, etc?
Wish you had a group of friends to go back and play these fun game types with you again? Join Us!
Hey Everyone! My name is JGC1999 and I have about 4 years on Xbox Live. I remember the good old days of playing customs on Halo 3, Reach, etc. Halo 4 customs were never great and Halo 3 was the best, but Halo: Reach was still very good! I have a group of friends who plays customs games atleast once a week, and I host. If you would like to have some good times usually during the weekend, we would be happy to invite you! This is how you can get an invite:
- Send ‘JGC1999’ a message on Xbox Live saying the following: "Customs"
Below where you said “Customs”, please type which game types you enjoy most. How many people would be joining and when you are available along with your time zone.
I will try my best to send everyone who messages me an invite, and if we have a good time; a friend request!

Hopefully you can join us in our fun customs lobbies hosted weekly by myself, and otherwise; Have a good time my fellow Halo Community!

Let me know when you do something like this for Halo 3.

team snipers gametypes with forged maps can be fun

Just going through the downloads and finding popular ones is good

friend request me and ill play the custom games with you whenever I can
just send me a message of which games to download also

starting a running game night every Friday or Saturday would be cool