halo reach credit limit

we really need to raise the credit limit on halo reach it’s getting a little ridiculous

Especially when your rank going up relies on the amount of credits you recieve. And you then reach the credit limit and can’t rank up.

How about just simply removing it all together, and then we can do Custom Challenges to our hearts content, and still play after we are done doing them.

I for one would love to see the credit cap just simply go away, and stop hindering the community with it once and for all.

Let us play, and play and earn as much as we want, more power to the community at large…

yes let’s remove it altogether

The credit system is recognizable up until crescent moon. After moon the credit system is lame and has no substance. Just a straight marathon to the inheritor helmet. I can see how the credit limit encourages cheating.

In the interest of keeping it clean, let’s keep the cR cap discussion to this thread, okay? Thanks guys. :slight_smile: