Halo Reach Credit Ban Help Please?

Hello anyone who is reading this.

So I have a serious problem and was wondering if anyone could offer me any advice or help. So my sister(16) and I(19) were playing halo reach last week and she completed the weekly challenge right before I did and she received the 20,000 credits. Right after the game, her and I both received a message saying, " Player is temporarily banned from earning credits." Not for one week or two weeks or permanently Just temporarily. We waited for like 4 days and we let our dad play on his account with us and it said the same message for him. Well, today we tried playing again and this time we played on my own xbox 360 and my dad and I could earn credits but my sister could not on either xbox 360 because I assume since she was the one who was originally banned I guess? it never really told us the reason for being banned. We’ve never tried “boosting” or cheating in any way whatsoever and we always finish our games. Can anyone offer us any help? We’ve tried some things that people suggested online but nothing seems to help. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to add me on xbox to chat or anything. Gamer tag: GREENSHADOWS

Thanks guys,


You have a lot of games in your game history. Whats your sisters and dads gametags so i can work out which games you played together in. do you have a more specific date rather than “last Week” as well.

It sounds like a temp ban from credits probably for zero kill games but i want to check your history first.