Halo Reach could have been amazing

In the beta they removed the core feature that would have made this game awesome. Explanation video

What the hell happend to the toilet!

I’m sure there’s been threads on how Spartans well…go.

This just complicates everything, now they don’t even have a place to go. And how come it took this long for people to notice :o

:C thats really sad, now spartans cant take a break in the middle of the battle, thats why Pestilence was put as an armor effect, it all builds inside your armor to the point that it leaks

That makes so much sense O_o;;;

Hahaha, I noticed this on day one of final release. The toilet was so comical in the Beta on FFA. Just sitting on the toilet, not firing. Someone shoots you, then stops, thinking…“What…?” And they occasionally just go on up the stairs leaving you to your business.

Haha…good times.