Halo: Reach Controller & Headset

Just a quick remind that the Halo: Reach Wireless Controller and the Halo: Reach Wireless Headset are now available for purchase.

The controller is priced at $59.99 and the headset will cost you $49.99.

I hope you enjoy both of them. When you buy, please drop by and told us your experience with them.


Well I hope I can buy them, but we’ll see!

And if you are from Europe, Game.co.uk has the controller and the headset listed with a release date on 14 September - the day Reach will be shipped.

Just picked mine up from GameStop. I got the controller. Also an added bonus for buying the controller you get an avatar item. It’s a banchee . The controller looks amazing. I have tried to make a vow however not to use it or open it for that fact until i have a copy of Reach in hand. I will then break that controllers “virginity” playing Reach for the first time :stuck_out_tongue: