Halo Reach Competitive Clan needs members!

Hey guys, Ambush here. I’m here asking if anyone would like to join a Halo Reach competitive clan? We play a lot of swat, and a little MLG, we also record games and look for matches with other teams often, we have great ideas being put into action, like YouTube series’ such as tips and tricks or top mistakes, we’re sorting out training squads for skirmishes and custom game practice, and each member gets their own cool Banner and Logo, along with a stat screen for videos. You must be 16+ to join, K/D has to be decent, in other words a + K/D. And a mic, xbox live gold, and reach is obviously required. I’m working on making a junior team, so if you’re 15 or 14 don’t worry, message me anyway and I’ll bookmark you for the team.

My gamertag is X700 AMBUSH, and here is my clan recruitment video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIIbyFcKe1U