Halo: Reach Community Playlist FAQ

> Halo: Reach Community Playlist FAQ

> Welcome to the Halo: Reach Community Playlist FAQ where the most common questions about Halo: Reach’s Community Playlists are here, prepared and answered for you. This FAQ should cover what the Community Playlists are, what the purpose is, how Community Map Playlists work, what the Forgetacular Contest was, what the Forgetacular Contest had to do with the Playlists, and how a person can get a forge map into matchmaking**.**

> Updates:
> 7/03/11 - FAQ Release!

Q: What are Community Playlists?

Community Playlist’s are a hopper of Playlists in Reach’s Matchmaking that reflects the Bungie/Halo Community. The Community hopper is put together of Community oriented Gametypes and Maps, such as the MLG, Grifball, and Action Sack. It is also the testing grounds for Community Forged Map Variants such as Community Slayer and Community BTB.

Q: What’s the purpose of the Community Playlists?

The Community Playlists give a taste of what Bungie’s Community can create and offer to them. There are alot of great Community Gametypes and Maps out there that deserve recognition and that people want to play on Matchmaking. We have the tools, and it’s up to us to use them to make wonders!

Q: Why do the Community Playlists only allow 2 local players?

The vast majority of the Maps in the Playlist are Community made, and most of those maps have frame rate performance issues if played on with more people. So Bungie brought down the level of local players to allow good gameplay on good Maps.

Q: How do the Community Playlists work?

In the Community hopper, there are Playlists already set up that will stay there permanently such as MLG, Grifball, and Action Sack. Then there are the Playlist’s like Community Slayer and Community BTB in which are not permanent! Each month (varies), there is/may be one “Community Map Playlist” (ex. Slayer, BTB, ect.) that runs for a two week period. At the end of the two week period the Playlist is removed, and preparations are made for the next one.

Q: Will all/any of these maps be put into the default Playlist’s?

No, in fact it’s possible that none of them will. The fate of these maps are based on how you vote. Unpopular maps will be dropped, popular maps will live on. There is no guarantee that any map will make any of the default Playlist’s.

Q: What was the Forgetacular Contest?

The Forgetacular Contest was a Forge Contest announced on October 14th, 2010, by Bungie, that allowed Members of the Community to submit their best Forge Maps to Bungie for a chance of winning a Limited Edition Halo: Reach Xbox 360 and potentially having the Map placed in Reach’s Matchmaking. The results of the Contest can be found here, in this Weekly Update.

Q: What does/did this Contest have to do with the Community Playlists?

The first rotation of Community Slayer and Community BTB Maps were chosen by Bungie, from the Forgetacular Contest Submissions.

Also, a note from Jeremiah.

Q: Why were these Maps so bad and why would Bungie allow them in Matchmaking?

Those Maps were Submissions to the Forgetacular Contest, and they were the “early” submissions. This means they were submitted very early before the due date of the Maps. At this time, other then the Forgetacular Submissions, Bungie had no other resource to finding Community Maps. So they had to use them because they were the quickest things to test and slap on.

Q: So this is how Bungie is going to pick future Community Maps?

Not necessarily, only for the the first rotation of Community Slayer and Commumity BTB were picked from Forgetacular Submissions. That’s not to say they won’t use this method again, but it’s more likely they won’t.

Q: So how can a person get their map onto Matchmaking now?

Since the Forgetacular Contest ended, Bungie has recruited various Leading Community Members from all across Bungie/Halo/Forge/Gaming Communities out there to form Community Cartographers, where the “Community Representatives” (as they are called) recommend Community Forged Maps to Bungie in the goal to help people get their maps onto Matchmaking.

Q: How do I get a Representative to submit my Map?

These Reps are from Communities all over the place. Most have their own area in which they search for Maps. Just do a little research to find out where they lurk. If they stumble upon your Map and like it, they will submit it.

You could also be a little more direct about it and PM it to them, though this may not always be the best approach.

Q: What kind of Maps are sumbitted to Community Cartographers?

Pretty much any kind, Slayer, CTF, KoTH, Assult, Oddball, Invasion, Race, ect. But when a Rep goes to submit a map, usually they submit it towards a specific Gametype or section like Slayer, Objective, Invasion, ect.

What about Maps like MLG and Grifball? Can those be submitted?

Yes! But not to Community Cartographers. MLGpro.com picks their own Maps so they can be posted on that site, and GrifballHub.com picks their own Maps as well so you may as well want to post there.

Q: If your own Map is submitted to Community Cartographers, are you informed about it?

Some Reps will notify you, but not always though. Depends on if they want to or not. For the most part, everything that goes on in the group is confidential so not much word is supposed to come out and be spread around.

Q: Will authors be given an opportunity to revise their maps or are they stuck with the versions they submitted?

Depends on what the Rep thinks. If they decide the Map is worth it, they may contact they author requesting revisions. Just remember that you should never submit an unfinished product. This will allow for the best of the best to surface and give those maps a chance to get better with revisions down the road if necessary.

Q: If your own map passes Bungie’s Playtesting’s and has been approved by them for Matchmaking, will the author be notified?

From what I have seen, yes. But, you never know. They may not inform you.

Q: Where can I find the Forge Maps that have been/are in Matchmaking?

Homeboyd903 made a very nice thread here, listing all the Maps that have been/are in Matchmaking, also linking discussion threads for each of the Maps.

Q: So since 343 is taking over Reach soon, will the Community Cartographers keep going?

It hasn’t been officially announced but there is speculation that it will continue due to a quote by bs angel.

"Part of running that particular show is listening to the feedback you leave on our forums, across our social networks, and other places you frequently congregate. During one of our customary eavesdropping rounds, we couldn’t help but notice a few of you behaving rather oddly. Doing such things like stockpiling two weeks’ worth of emergency food rations instead of neutrally-placed flags. Or wondering, sometimes in all caps, if playlists will be updated come August and beyond. I’d like to take a moment to tell you that you don’t need to make alternative arrangements for your pet moas quite yet. Rest assured, your Halo adventures will continue to exist just as they do today."

People are guessing it could relate to forgers to not stop forging and continue to allow the Cartographers to snag your maps if the oppertunity comes. There is also a diccussion thread on the matter here.


If you still have questions, post here and I or someone else will try to answer it for you.


Old news is old JP, lol. :stuck_out_tongue: Just, curious why would you post this on waypoint so early? I would have waited until we got the news on how 343 is doing it.

> Old news is old JP, lol. :stuck_out_tongue: Just, curious why would you post this on waypoint so early? I would have waited until we got the news on how 343 is doing it.

Because it isn’t just about how to get a map on MM. It relates to other things. I also edited it to fit the current info we have.

Very informative jp, keep it up!