Halo Reach collection Update?

I noticed on major nelson’s blog that on May the 19th a Halo Reach Collection update would be happening. Any idea on what items will become available. I know this is for your avatar. I was just curious as to what else they could be adding. Maybe like a Halofest T-shirt or something? Ideas?

Yeah just saw this over at Themexboxcom

I’d like to see some stuff like:

  • Oddball prop ?
  • Possible addition of Halo 3 Helmets / adding the other Reach Helmets ?
  • Keyes Outfit ?
  • Grunt Pet ?
  • RC Sabre / Seraph ?

Those would be good =D

Those are great ideas.

I would love a Gravity Hammer!

Good idea but doubtful, mainly because MS does not like the idea of promoting violence through their avatars, the closest thing on the marketplace at the moment which resembles a weapon is a Freeze ray from dude nukem or the Portal 2 gun avatar award