halo reach code never received after beta disk stopped working

did anyone else not receive their code for halo reach after the increased disk capacity beta disk stopped working from the game update? i emailed xbox support and the reply led me to this forum. so does anyone know how to get the code if they never got one or am i basically screwed on this? thanks in advance for any help

I would say just go buy a copy but I’d get raged at like last time.

The only thing I could suggest is to either PM BS Angel and ask about it, see how far that gets you or just go buy a copy of Reach. :I


What is this exactly? I’m sorry I cannot help you because I have no knowledge in this but I would like to know more on this topic. I only heard one thing about this around March but that was it. Can you tell me about this higher disc capacity update?

i would buy it but with so many games coming out this holiday i dont think id be able to. but ill contact bs angel thanks

I’d hate to make a new thread about this so I guess I’ll reply to this again. I would like to see some information about this. I’m curious and last time I heard of this was March and this has peaked my interest greatly. Does anyone have any information regarding this disc format update or perhaps a link?

Look for help and see what others did in the 17 page thread about this issue…