Halo Reach Clans (Halo 4 Soon) - LKG

Last Khaos Gaming (LKG) has opened a division for Halo Reach recently. The clan was primarily a Black Ops clan with about 200 members but is now expanding to Reach. We are a structured community and do NOT focus on player skill. This clan is mainly meant for people who just want to be in a community where they can find many other Halo Reach players to play both matchmaking and custom games with.

We will be doing quite a bit with the Halo Reach side including clan battles, forge teams, etc etc. We will also be migrating to Halo 4 once it releases.

If you’re interested in joining please sign up on our forums and make a topic in the Eclipse section under ‘Night Realm’ (our current Halo Reach division) saying so. Or add either LKG Revolt or LKG Alduin to get in contact with us.

Main Website - Last Khaos Gaming

Forums - LKG Forums

Just bumping this. Was going to make a thread myself but apparently Alduin beat me to it! LKG is a great clans guys/gals. Very relaxed and fun to be a part of. Hit us up to join!

I no Pistol Squed Alfa lookin for rival squeds to challange

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