Halo reach clan recruitment

I am SGTM DeadlyOxBlood of the clan. We are always looking for cadets to train we need people who are loyal and can follow orders. We are a strong clan with several allies. With more than 4 divisions we stand strong training daily being cooperative we never go solo we stay with our squads. I train cadets daily and i am willing to train you if you fit our requirements as listed below. You will have to be trained and pass our training academy if you can pass that all you need to do is find a squad or division. We have a division and squad for almost anything. We are very well disciplined and very active. Well trained leaders and commanders.

  • Headset - Halo Reach - Xbox Live - Xbox 360 - Helmet: ODST - Chest: Optional - Shoulders: Multi-Threat - Knee Guards: FJ/Para - Primary Color: Silver - Secondary Color: Maroon - Xbox Live - Age 14+ - follow orders - KIK (Social Media)

sorry, I always found millitary clans to be a little bit silly. Not to bash you in any way but the training thing is kinda bs, I had a 1v1 with the leader of a clan called the UFF (i think) and beat him 25 to 6. You’d expect the leader to be at least decent. Just my two cents.