Halo: Reach - Clan Recruitment

I am looking for active players on Halo: Reach to join the Shadow Darkness Clan, or less formally, the SDC. A quick overview of our clan: we are not solely a military-based clan. With that being said, our clan is divided into three divisions: the SD Institution, SD Military, and SD Parliament. Each division is led by an “Authoritarian,” or division leader, who is responsible for the maintenance of their respective divisions. The Institution is responsible for training members for both our Military and Parliament, the Military is responsible for security and participation in clan wars, battles, and raids, and the Parliament is responsible for organizing leadership, establishing alliances and adversaries, and resolving conflicts. Joining the SDC, you will choose a “career” and advance through our clan, gaining a legacy to promote.

Requirements to join:
-Must have Halo: Reach (obviously)
-Must be 13 years or older
-Must have a mic (more of a guideline than a necessity)
-Must be active at least thrice (yes, that’s a word!) a week
-Must be willing to change to SDC standard uniform (emblems, colors, service tag, etc.)
-Must have a desire to progress and advance in the clan (most important!)

If you meet all the requirements above and would like the join, send a message to either:
-DE Aquatic
-xIn5aNe Ducky