Halo: Reach Clan Recruitment for the UEG!

The Unified Earth Government(UEG) is now recruiting. In order to join you must be at least 12, have a mic(no kinetic), and must have a sense of maturity. The UEG is a military styled clan with several branches. Our first responders is the Marine Corps. Our law enforces and protectors of the government officials and leaders is the National Guard. And our Special Operations force is the ODSTs. We will have some more branches when we get more members. The UEG is currently looking for a Secretary of State, which deals with foreign relations. If you are interested go to our website at www.uegclan.weebly.com. Fill out the application form and make sure you read the laws of the clan. And if you want an alliance then go to the website and fill out our alliance form in the Department of State. Which is under government. Then under the executive branch. Plus we are also looking for good forgers. Thanks and have a great day.