Halo reach, character data.

I’ve been stuck as a recruit and in default armor for a week now and all my friends have had the same thing happen but quickly turned back to there true ranks. I was wondering if there are any ways to fix this. I’m supposed to be a general but it keeps saying I’m a recruit and makes me look like one. I don’t care about my rank I just want to look like me again. Are there any ideas on how to solve my issue? I’ve already have tried more than 10 but any would be appreciated.

You probably just hit the credit cap the cap is set to 200,000 per day.
Or its probably your connection to the server or maybe its the reach servers

Dang I thought it was only me stuck like this, been like 4 days now and i’ve been super confused as well lol

I really hope that it’s a server issue that they can correct on there side soon. I’ve done multiple things to try and fix it includeing but not limited to, restarting my xbox, restarting my internet, clearing my cache on my xbox, and going offline and online. If there are any ideas on how to fix it I hope that I can fix my problem of 343 can.

There looks to be some issues with Reach at the moment including matchmaking services and the ability to pull information / stats from your profile. As we have multiple topics open for this right now I’m re-directing to a central topic that can be used to keep track of things: