Halo Reach body actors needed.

Firelight studios are in need of body actors for their Halo Reach Machinima ‘Fatum’. This is the first big project of this year and we are in need of your help, if you are intrested please leave a comment with your gamertag and I’ll get back to you. After filming we will be having a few custom games afterwards. If you have friends who are intrested in helping then please get them to come along. - Thank you.

If a mic ain’t needed ill gladly help gt is ROGUE SPARTAN17

Thank you, I’ve added you my GT is JohnnySi

I understand you are in need of actors. I’m looking for work to act in, I could be a body actor, my voice is a little… weird. I also have ideas of scripts. I have halo CE, 3, 3 ODST, Reach, 4, and 5.

Gamertag: BoomerPHD

Ill gladly work for you as a body actor my gamer tag is Tink C Carter