Halo: Reach Boardwalk does not belong in 4v4 Team Slayer, 8-player FFA, or even Big Team Battle

Boardwalk is probably the worst map in Halo: Reach, the reason being that it just doesn’t play well with any game mode or player count.

In terms of Rumble Pit, Team Slayer, and other 4v4 modes, the map is just too big. A good portion of the game is spent running around looking for opponents, and Sprint and the Jetpack are practically mandatory. Games drag on for WAY too long, especially in 4v4, and more than once I’ve had the timer decide the outcome… especially in Rumble Pit, where if one player quits the match, the whole game can quickly devolve into hide-and-seek.

As for Big Team Battle… a map that does not have vehicles does not belong in BTB. Period. Boardwalk is the only map in rotation for Halo: Reach BTB (and I think every other game in the collection) that does not have vehicles in matchmaking, and that is not acceptable.

The only mode that I ever felt played somewhat okay-ish? (not really) on Boardwalk is 12-player Infection, but as you can imagine that too has a plethora of issues. The Alpha Zombies can get picked off VERY easily by survivors with Magnums thanks to long sight lines, and players who get infected seem more likely to quit because Boardwalk is by far the most frustrating map to play as a Zombie on.

So please 343, just take this map out of the rotation. No one will miss it. Maybe turn it into a Firefight map… if there’s one game mode it could work for, that would be it.

I disagree that maps should be removed from matchmaking entirely, even for lowly boardwalk. Its best game modes are 1 flag CTF and SWAT, but even then I’m not particularly fond of it. Forge could probably touch it up to play better in standard 4v4, but FFA sounds rough. I don’t find it as annoying in BTB due to how chaotic it can become. If you really want vehicles throw in a ghost for each side.

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I dont like the map either, but I dont think removing entirlely is a good idea.

As said before I feel like it is great for single objective style modes such as one flag and assault. Its also not terrible in SWAT either.

I do think its terrible for just Team Slayer though.

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Lack of map variety has been a very frustrating situation for me in matchmaking. I think more maps, even the -Yoink!- ones, should be included. The Master Chief Collection is advertised with 120 maps, yet so many of them are excluded from the matchmaking pool. I think a Veto option would be a great compromise between both ideologies - there’s still variety, but if a map very much doesn’t work with a gametype, it’s something people can vote against.

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I agree and wish we would het vetoing back. But unfortunately too many people think vetoing and voting are the same thing and constantly use arguements against it even though they are different.

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I disagree. Do not remove Boardwalk from the matchmaking pool. With how often DLC maps seem to appear, removing one of the original maps is a terrible idea. And it plays just fine for 4v4 TS.


I think it’s pretty good for one flag. I’m not a fan of it as a SWAT map but it’s not outright egregious (to be fair I’m not big on DMR SWAT to begin with) so I’m in agreement with you and OP. Doesn’t work for Team Slayer. It’s a bit too asymmetric for it to work imo.