Halo Reach Banned Earning Credits Support

Yesterday 9/3/12 i bought a new xbox black, and a brand new account with it.
Pumpkingcarvers=that’s my account. Today 9/4/2012

I did login and technical support helped me along the way. Anything about how long these suspensions generally last? I’m a new member I just got suspended and try to get a better idea on what time frame this happened in, why, and what i should expect. I haven’t received a time frame or reason.

I have all my purchase transactions and bought everything from the same store. I assume to give it 24 hours from the time i received the message and technical support says they aren’t seeing anything, they told me to call back Friday and post in the xbox forms and call back. What happened, detailed description, who and what put the suspension on Halo Reach?

Kitt: Pumpkingcarvers

p.s. I do really like the game and I hope to continue playing and upgrade my armor. It’s really a big bummer that seemingly I can’t find a solution. I’ve been home for the last couple days sick and it’s been like my cup of soup. Please someone help me clarify this problem for me.

Did you post twice on purpose?

Unless you accidentally posted this twice, making multiple threads in quick succession of each other about the same thing is spam and usually subject to locking. You’ll get more replies if you stick to one post. Welcome to waypoint!

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In the future, please refrain from making duplicate threads. The “Why did I get banned?” thread is the correct place to take this. Thanks. :slight_smile: