Halo: Reach ban

Well, here’s the story.this was about maybe 1 or 2 years ago. I was playing Halo Reach with 1 of my friends. Just a regular game of Snipers and i was doing pretty good that game not going lie. Then about mid game i get disconnected and it said my account has be permanently ban for nothing. never had j-tag or RGH on my 360 but this happened when i was playing on my Xbox One. so i really confused on why i got ban but i was thinking it could be some kiddo got mad or something of who knows what and just ban me i guess. And to be honest that really sucked. it was my favorite halo game of all time and just out of no where i get ban. i was wondering if anyone knew how to get unban or if someone at 343 could help me with my problem or what, but it really frustrated me to this day because i want to play that game again so now im reaching out to people.
If anyone could help me that would be wonderful

Kind regards,


Please use the ban thread pinned at the top of the Halo Reach forums for any queries on matchmaking bans