Halo: Reach Automatic Weaponry

MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System
The MA37 ICWS is a great close to medium range weapon and is most effectively used for fully automatic sustained fire at close range, or by using short, controlled bursts at medium range, for greater accuracy. At close range, use best to go full auto. At longer ranges, however, fire in bursts to prevent the need to reload in the middle of a firefight. Back up while firing to prevent a shotgun, energy sword or a gravity hammer from killing you, as they are capable of preforming instant-kills at close range. Due to its high rate of fire, this weapon is effective against shielded and unshielded enemies, though in the event you are facing numerous shielded enemies, a plasma-based weapon would suffice for a greater choice.

Type-51 Directed Energy Rifle
The weapon’s rate of fire will slow as it is fired and the weapon heats up. This can be solved by manually venting the rifle with the reload button, which can be done all at once or gradually. However, as the weapon overheats and the rate of fire slows, the accuracy of the weapon will increase. Each shot of the plasma repeater is .5% of the battery, making a total of 200 shots possible. Each shot from the plasma rifle is .25%, for a total of 400 shots possible. The plasma repeater takes 18 shots to kill a spartan, while only 16 are needed with the plasma rifle. The Plasma Repeater actually never overheats, building up heat which slows its rate of fire and accuracy until it is either vented or runs out of battery. This makes it one of the few battery-operated Covenant weapons to not be burdened with a necessary cool-down. The Plasma Repeater, along with the Focus Rifle, are the only two Covenant weapons to do more damage to health than shielding, therefore something else should be used to take the shields down first.

Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle
The Plasma Rifle is a Covenant directed energy weapon reverse engineered from forerunner technology that uses a superheated ionized gas called Plasma instead of projectile ammunition.The Plasma Rifle is a close to medium range weapon, and as such can inflict very high damage at range. The Plasma Rifle can also be used at long range if the user fires slowly and aims carefully by leading the target. The rifle is extremely efficient at killing “soft” targets, while doing lethal amounts of damage to a heavily armored target. In close-quarters, like all other weapons, it is preferable to just take out the opponent’s energy shield with a few rounds, followed by a melee attack.Like all plasma-based weaponry, it is great against shields, but it takes a slightly longer time to take down an unshielded opponent compared to ballistic weapons like the Assault Rifle. In Halo 2 and Halo 3, dual-wielding in conjunction with a weapon that does high flesh damage (i.e. SMG or Mauler) can be very effective if the Plasma Rifle is first used to deplete the target’s shields, followed by the next weapon used to secure the kill. Keep in mind that accuracy of both dual-wielded weapons will be reduced.

Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher
Needlers cause two types of damage: penetration, injuries caused by the impact of the crystalline needles, and explosive, explosion of needles wedged in the body and splash damage to surrounding units. If you are facing an opponent who’s wielding a Needler, stay at a distance. If this is not possible, run sideways at 90 degree angles from the direction your opponent is. This way the needles have more time to travel and it’s easier for you to run away and avoid them. If you’re far enough away, the projectiles may not even reach you. it’s easy to take out a Needler wielding enemy with a headshot capable weapon. Enemies with a Needler can’t harm you when you’re in a vehicle, except if they are shooting your visible part. The best place to use Needlers are where they can’t escape or are not paying attention to you. Never train the Needler on a single target for too long. Rather, with the technique of fire, acquire, repeat you can end up demolishing enemy ranks as the needles do their own job of finding targets. It is not widely used due to the bright and easily recognizable rounds.
Do not head into an open area with no cover and blast away at your enemies. The projectiles may only strike one enemy if you don’t switch targets, and since the needles take a few seconds to explode, you could be killed before any helpful explosion occurs.

Type-25 Carbine
In multiplayer, shooting from a medium range then closing in for a melee kill is a sound tactic. Just be sure that the enemy does not have a counter weapon, such as a Shotgun or Energy Sword. If engaging a target at mid-range, lead your shots to compensate for the slow velocity of the spikes. It can be easily countered by a Shotgun wielder, but if the Spiker wielder backpedals furiously, he may be able to kill the Shotgun user before he can get close enough to fire. Be aware that the spikes have a slight arc when traveling over medium range, such that if the wielder were aiming at the chest or head, the spikes may have ended up hitting the target’s feet, or missed entirely if not using controlled bursts. At those ranges, the spread would render the Spiker ineffective, so engaging an enemy at this range is not recommended. The Spiker with a Plasma Pistol is another effective Noob Combo when attempting to surprise attack a lone enemy. Use an overcharged Plasma Pistol shot to take out the enemy’s shields, and then use the Spiker to kill the now unshielded enemy.

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