Halo: Reach Anniversary

Did anyone else wonder about the waypoint schedule this week? Wednesday (according to my calculations) is the one year anniversary of the release of Reach into the wild that is Xbox Live.

Call me spoiled, but I’ve kind of liked that Bungie acknowledged dates like that with a special playlist or a ViDoc or something. But the complete and total lack of mention about the one year anniversary from 343i leaves me somewhat befuddled. I think its a good time to celebrate this milestone of the Halo universe.

I’ll be playing all day on 9/14. How about you?

I would like more special events like that in general, but the anniversary should be a required special event. RDR gets 3x xp from time to time, why not Reach?

OP but they did celebrate. It was called Halo Fest, tons of videos, interviews and reveals. RVB panel was the best btw.

Halo Reach got plenty of coverage alongside CE:A. In fact, there were more than a couple or so vid docs covering the new maps, for Reach, the team working on Halo 4 etc etc.

In short, we got what we want. Your befuddlement ends here.

I’ll be playing all day, but I don’t expect 343 to acknowledge it (nor does it matter to me).

Dude… its Reach. Its on par with ODST, barely. Save the anniversaries for the games that truly matter, core titles.

> I’ll be playing all day on 9/14. How about you?

Sure! Oh, wait…you meant Reach? Oh sorry I’m…err…busy runs away

I’ll play a lot like I do every day. I hope 343 mentions it, I’m sure they will.