Halo reach and the dlc map packs

THey everyone, I have been playing halo now for a decade and will dip into all of them from time again. I am back on Reach as I learnt that the three dlc map packs were free. Seeing that I didn’t have a chance to buy them in 2010/11, I downloaded them thinking that the multiplayer experience would become more widened. However, it is impossible to get these maps due to a lack of a dlc playlist. What is more disappointing is that if one person doesn’t have any of the dlc, then the entire lobby is forced to play the vanilla maps. I am not complaining about this, the game is still fun. However, it needs to be a mandatory update in my opinion that for anyone playing reach, you must have all dlc downloaded. The alternative is that an update is made to the game where the dlc is removed and all players have access to the maps, like how Doom did in 2017. They updated the game, allowing everyone to play on all of the new maps and have the weapons with each dlc. This is just my two cents on this topic, what about you?

Ps, as of now, most of the dlc achievements are also unobtainable in normal tradition. Boosting lobbies are being made to get achievements that are relatively easy. Something needs to be done.