halo reach and halo odst on xbone

I really hope 343 ports halo reach and halo 3 over to Xbox one. I was a fan to both games and would really like to see both games run 1080p at 60 frames per sec. anybody else wanting this. let me know that’s on or mind.

It’ll happen eventually, most likely as a way to fill the void between Halo 5 and Halo 6’s launch.

I’d really liked those games, especially Firefight. Hopefully they do port it over to the Xbox One.

I agree Halo ODST was my first FPS and I liked how you had to find your team and did and went wherever you wanted. Most my friends hated it cause they couldn’t find the clues, but I still think its a great game and should have a remake for xbox one. As for Reach it was the best halo game I’ve ever played, and a fan favourite so that will certainly have a remake but I don’t think it will be for xbox one cause in 2020 (that would be the ten year anniversary) Microsoft will most likely have a new console.

Definitely, Halo ODST was way underrated and needs more spotlight and Reach was my favorite Halo. If Reach got the Halo 2 polish, that would be epic!

i second the thought i loved odst because i have a fascination for the odsts

Halo: ODST is the best Halo game in my opinion , campaign wise . Making it 1080p and 60fps would make it even darker and better .


I’d live to see Reach’s cutscenes remastered !

I’m hoping they integrate Halo Reach multiplayer into the Halo MCC online matchmaking playlists.

Add a ‘Halo Reach’ game specific playlist and add Halo Reach maps and gamemodes to all the cross game playlists.

It would be awesome to have all the traditional Halo online multiplayers in one package.

Hopefully, it would be a free update so it doesn’t split the userbase. Paid DLC does that to games.

I know it’s called The Master Chief Collection, but why not simply call it The Halo Collection and include Reach + ODST?

I wonder how many people will leave reach tomorrow for the Master chief collection

solamente que pongan el halo 5 y la coleccion del jefe maestro para 360… seria un cambio considerable,