Halo:Reach and Future Game Development Ideas

Greetings Bungie and Bungie Fourm,

I am Alexander Plott or xCURIOUS MAC11x (Fourms cattheumlmited0), and I felt the urge as an active, and dedicated member to your series of Halo, to pitch some ideas for Halo:Reach or any future developement,(I do understand that 343 industries is programming Halo 4). Here are only a few. For Halo:Reach the credit tool has massed great success in interest and the armory is very colorful. So for those who spent credits on armor no longer in use, why not give them the option to refund? With some minor costs of course such as multiplying the returned credits by .3 or .5 from the original cost. Some say buyers remorse, but I say give 'em a second chance. To this point we all understand your developement has provided us with many armor customization options. But only for so long will people get used to having everything and they want something interesting to explore, and look at! Designing something new or using schematic idea’s from your fellow audiance. One last presentation that I have to offer is, a bungie close out map pack. This map pack is filled with passed enviroments from the early games such as Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3. But not all the maps, goodness no. You bungie, your most proud and entertaining maps of the century! For those who can enjoy some nostalgia, and fun. Please i’m not asking for stuff like, “Meet my demands! Or I shall no longer play.” No, not at all I love your creations. I am just asking for acknowledgement.

just a FYI, this isnt a bungie form.

This was originally posted on bungie.net. I was just to lazy to rewrite.

Ah, ok.