Halo Reach and 4 Class project!

Sorry I haven’t been on a while and for various reasons and one of them is about my finals at college. This was my project for my final for my college we had to use the Mac’s 2 apps on there: Garage Band and iMovie. The assignment was to make your own music and your own video using the apps. Of course my computer never had this so I did this in class. I picked the best videos that were saved in Theater on my Halo game. Many were hard to chose but these are one of the best ones. There is only 2 wins and the rest are fails. I could say the first video would have to be a win cause I didn’t die thoughout the Firefight game.
The audio was hard to fix but the class did like it however my teacher is very picky. Turn up the volume to listen though on your computer to listen to the music. The project from my teacher was simple: No copyright stuff such as music we have to make our own on Garageband! I also had to get permission from her if I could use my Halo videos that I have on my XBox and she said it was fine. I also had to have none of the audio where the characters in here talk so the vid here is complete music. This is my very first video putting text and music on so click the link below and enjoy and tell me if I did a good job! :slight_smile: