Halo reach achievements

Hey is there anyone who would like to work on some halo reach achievements. I’m trying to finish them up and am willing to help others finish as well. Would like to get enough people to be able to fill lobbies. If anyone is interested hit me up my gamertag is TheSquirrel0618

Boosting isn’t something that condoned. I’d suggest asking friends or visiting a website such as Trueachievements.com to seek help on earning achievements.

Thelegendary117 call it what you will, it hardly matters in a game that is almost 10 years old with like 1000 players left. Websites will not help when there isn’t enough people to start certain game types. Also asking other people allows for the opportunity to meet new people to play with. If you’re not interested please don’t bother posting anything

I manage an Xbox Club dedicated to getting Halo achievements. We are nearing one hundred members. You may be able to find like minded players there. The club is Halo Ring Community.

I’ve got all 1700G. Which achievements are you guys trying to get?

X N7 117 X thanks I’ll check out the club, and S043 11 William it’s really just dlc map pack ones noble, defiant and anniversary. The problem is just that the game is old so it’s really hard to get a dlc map or certain game types like ctf

As much as I want to unlock every achievement in Halo Reach, the game just isn’t as populated as it once was. The achievements for specific playlists like rocket race are nearly impossible for me to unlock, but I will keep trying.

ADD Me for boosting I would help you any day

TheSquirrel0618, TRK xl ZeUs lx, I, and several others had a great achievement session today. I was able to get several achievements that are essentially impossible to finish organically these days. I’m willing to help out anyone else who wants to do the same.