Halo Reach 7/10/18 Update?

I was just about to play reach, but i was surprised that there is a new update for halo reach. Ive been playing all day so this isnt my first time playing, and now theres a new update, and i dont know what it has. Is anyone else getting the update too?

This has been happening quite a lot recently with BC 360 games. It’s likely an emulator client update, nothing in terms of the actual game itself. I saw a Reddit post the other day asking why CoD Black Ops just got an update; a dev said exactly that, that it was just an emulator patch. Essentially it’ll help it run more smoothly.

Hmm, alright then. I was a bit curious, and it would make sense. Appreciate the help.

Noticed the update as well, and it feels less choppy. Maybe just runs the emulation slightly better?

I have noticed that while playing, not too much lag. and I think it’s just me but I see the Backgrounds more clear now, maybe their changing the resolution?

If the update was to the backwards compatible version of Reach on the X1, it’s likely just a stability update to the emulator as noted above. If it’s on the 360, I believe sometimes the system will remove old updates to clear space. So when you went to launch it this time then pulled down any updates it was missing

Yeah same for me I woke up this morning to find halo reach updating with a 538.79 MB
update. Maybe Xbox live connection issues are getting fixed with campaign and firefight

Yes I had the update on Xbox One. Same size as well.

Yep same thing here but it does seem to run smoother.

I have recently installed Halo Reach on my one and every time I select it to start up. It stays at the loading screen of all the spartans and takes me back to the home screen. Any idea of what’s going on?

I got it too but mine was 7gb

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